Easy Installation Guide link updated



The Easy Installation Guide, made by Stefan Roess, lead to a dead link when linked from the GPLEA site. Stefan has had to switch providers and subsequently, his links have changed. The post below has been amended, alternatively you can also find the link to Stefan Roess' excellent Easy Installation Guide for Grand Prix Legends here:


Be sure to check it out if you are new to Grand Prix Legends!

GPLEA Cars available with GPLPS installer


Did you know that if you are installing Grand Prix Legends from scratch or for the first time, you can use the original GPL CD in combination with the Grand Prix Legends Preservation Society (GPLPS) installer, and be completely up to date with all the latest track updates and GPLEA car updates in an instant? You can find the GPLPS installer here: http://gplps.wordpress.com/gplps-gpl-installer/ .

Don't know how to install GPL using the GPLPS installer? Have a look at Stefan Roess' Easy Installation Guide, found at: http://www.gplworld.de/easy-installation-guide.html .

Danny Karnage has also posted a YouTube video about how to install GPL using the GPLPS installer. You can find it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UgjMxVou_jc.

Should you need to download one of the GPLEA cars individually, you can take a look in our 'cars' section. Files are very kindly hosted by John Woods.
GPLEA Honda RA300 v3.0 and Honda RA273 v2.0 now on site


The latest GPLEA Honda's are now available at this site. Previously they were hosted by Mike Tyler at Nino's Garage, but now they've finally found a home here. Check them out in the cars section.
GPLEA site back online


All Pages are now back online. However, there are a few thumbnails to images and files I was unable to recover. If you happen to have these files, you can send a PM to TvO at the SimRacing Mirror Zone.
GPLEA Homepage reinstated


The GPLEA Homepage is in the process of being reinstated. Check back soon for more progress. All credits and rights still belong to the GPLEA. For contact please visit the srmz.net forums and send a personal message to TvO .

Tommie van Ostade
GPLEA Honda RA300 v3.0 and Honda RA273 v2.0 released


Finally the missing Honda updates are available. Mike Tyler was so kind to release them. Find out more here. At the moment the files are available from here only.
GPLEA online again


Sadly RSC is still down. As we don't know when it will be up again we decided to move our page temporarily. We are very sorry for the circumstances but we cannot change them.
Some links on the page are still dead. We try to get all stuff online again ASAP.


Driver's Emporium is a brand new concept, part shop, part race organizer, part racing team and part magazine.
In the shop you find unique products for simracers & apparel from all the big independent names on the simracing scene. The GPLEA is proud to be part of it.
Don't miss this new highlight in our scene.

GTR is out now!


OK, these are no GPL news, but these are great news: GTR - FIA GT Racing Game is out in Germany today.
You can order your copy at amazon from many countries.
They sell it for a good price and are shipping internationally.
An English language patch is available now - more about it here.

B.R.M. P83 v3.0 texture addon available


The texture addon includes the polished car skins by Michal Beran (from B.R.M. P83 v2.0) and the alternate mirror texture for the white exhaust option.
They can be downloaded from the B.R.M. P83 page in the CARS section.
B.R.M. P83 v3.0 out now


A half year after the P115 the B.R.M. P83 comes in an overworked version. It has new textures almost everywhwere.
You can download it from the cars section.

Please post your comments & questions here.

65 Mod Lotus 33 v2.0 ready for download


The 65 Mod team has done it again. The 2nd edition of the Lotus 33 is available now.
Find out more and discuss the update here.
GPLEA member part of GTR team


Did you notice that one of our members has become part of the GTR team?
OK - so you found out who it is. Comments are welcome here.

GPLEA Cooper T81 v2.1 ready for download


Finally it has happend: the green monster has got another treatment.
The nose looks like it should now and you will find some other new features as well. Check it out in our CARS section.

Golden October


After three months we think it is time for the release of some new stuff.
The summer break is over. Be prepared for the promised car updates ...
GPLEA release Clermont Ferrand


Finally, after all these years, we have released the Clermont Ferrand track!

Thank you all for your patience and support during these years, the positive feedback during that time has certainly helped to keep us motivated.
You can find the track under "Tracks> Clermont-Ferrand"
Please take some time to view the readme.html and replay file that comes with the track.
We sincerely hope you find it worth the wait, and have fun exploring!
Please post your comments & questions here.
B.R.M. P115 on track


The last missing real 1967 Grand Prix car for GPL is finished after a few years. ;-)
It is the lightweight BRM P115 that took part at the late 1967 Grand Prixs, beginning with the German Grand Prix. Check it out in the CARS section. Post your comments & questions here.

GPL 1965 mod is out!


The 1965 mod is ready and can be downloaded here. It is not a GPLEA product. Enjoy!!
GPLEA Lotus 43 v1.1 ready for download!


Ladies and Gentlemen, the updated Lotus 43 v1.1 is out. It now has the promised 4bit skins, 3D wheels also in the mirrors and the new 3D nose for higher cockpit views.
Graf Berghe von Trips - Ferrari 156 Painting (1961)


I just wanted to let you know that there is a new Gustavo painting for sale on ebay. It is showing von Trips in his F1 Ferrari at Zandvoort 1961. [former auction link] The picture still is for sale. Please contact us for details.


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